Essential Kitchen Tools

Hearing that hissing sound is like music to the ears, shake, and out comes perfectly whipped cream in a stylish design. Like the sousvide, this canister can also create items not thought about, such as whipped yogurt and airy puddings. The limit to the iSi whipper is your imaginations. Want to aerate the hollandaise sauce made with the sousvide machine? Put it in the canister and add nitrous. Amazing! Another added benefit? Swap the nitrous canisters out for CO2 and sodas are made at a hankering for them.

Restaurant SuppliesThe ultimate essential in any kitchen though is the kitchen aid stand mixer. The mixer can do so many different things. This chef bought it originally because I wanted to make marshmallows. Again, it is that love for making things that make other people scratch their head and go, “Wow! I did not know you could make that!” Yet for me it became so much more. The mixer allows the bread machine to be thrown out the window. It does every step except for bake, including kneading. If fresh pasta is the chef’s heart’s desire then the kitchen aid mixer will mix, knead, and run the pasta through the machine making everything from penne to spaghetti noodles. Ice cream is a favorite of both kids and adults alike. No matter the flavor, make the base and pull the ice cream maker out of the freezer, add base to freezer and within half an hour ice cream is ready to go.
Maybe storage is more important, having all the kitchen essentials at their fingertips.

In this instance there are several items to choose from. One of the best drink holders out there is the juice in the box, which will allow children to feel like their peers with the design like an apple juice box complete with straws. Even better, the chef choose the drink. Wanting it to be less sugary? Add water. Every day, every meal’s drink can be different! Likewise, the NorPro silicon Popsicle maker can hold homemade yogurt, applesauce, and popsicles as well. Getting creative in the kitchen can be cathartic and the best kitchen accessories make that serenity even better.