Web Design Trends For Smart Business Owners

Mobile First

Designers and developers are creating websites that focus on smartphones, since that is where the bulk of their income comes from. It is vital that web developers and designers have previous experiences in the design of apps in order to ensure the best UX for smaller screens. This will enable them to build a website based on apps that needs special attention because of its dimensions.

More Oblique/Organic Shapes

The April rains are bringing May blooms, which is why you’re getting more vibrant colours and rounded corners appearing on websites. Similar to form inputs and avatars for profiles, backgrounds are no longer limited to 90deg angles. Instead, they could be fascinating from different perspectives. This will help your users remain engaged for longer lengths of time. It is vital to ensure your website’s design is current trends. This helps to build trust between potential customers and you.

More Interactions and Animations

jQuery and other web technologies are making animated websites more well-known. These scripts transform your site into a reading platform that can read printed texts, but can also facilitate interaction between users and the page’s elements. This is a vast improvement from the old restrictions of what you were able to accomplish before images were accessible to the world via the internet.

The web has become increasingly interactive. Without resorting to the 1990s ugly design pages, page transitions, and sliding information panels can be used to make your website seem more vibrant. The increased interaction can lead to visitors to sites that earn income, which may increase the per-visit rate (RPV).


In order to keep their website traffic at a high level and not send them off-site in the first place, the HTML 5 tag is becoming increasingly popular. The increasing number of options for hosting video content (including streaming) has made more businesses decide that they can handle this type of thing better than before by using other technologies such as YouTube or other third-party services which could shut down anytime. Using tags like these allows for a company’s videos to be seamlessly integrated into its site while also offering more player options.

Video Backgrounds

With the rise of video backgrounds, you can use the power of video backgrounds to your advantage. This can increase the level of engagement with your customers. Backgrounds with video can boost the conversion rate of your website as they give more details about the business with a smaller footprint than traditional images. This makes it much easier for customers to view videos, even if they do not read a lot of text.

Backgrounds in video are a great way to increase awareness of your brand and increase return visits. It has been shown in general, and also for specific varieties like video marketing or eCommerce content strategies to help you grow your business by increasing the time spent at your site, while increasing levels of customer engagement.

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